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 BulksafeBilge Level Monitoring/
Water Ingress Detection System for Bulk Carriers


Bulksafe™ is a permanent ship's hold water ingress detection system (WIDS) for bulk carriers fully type approved in accordance with SOLAS XII Regulation 12, IACS UR S24, IMO performance standard for water level detectors & IACS UI SC180. The system comprises of a central Bulksafe™ control and alarm panel interfacing with intrinsically safe MMS900 water level detectors installed in each compartment.

The unique design of MMS900 water level detectors allows them to be installed so that they are totally isolated from the cargo and protected from mechanical damage during cargo operations. They can be installed without the need for any structural alterations or piping work within the cargo holds. Each MMS900 level switch is totally corrosion proof, protected against dust ingress and carries a lifetime warranty.

The Bulksafe™ control & alarm panel indicates the alarm status for each named compartment with discrete signals for 0.5m and 2m alarm levels. The system incorporates an optional function to provide a fully automatic ‘in-situ’ functional test of all detectors, even whilst cargo is present in the holds. With integral safety barriers, the Bulksafe™ is the most compact system available on the market.

Product Details
• Type Approved
• Simplest system on the market to install
• Maintenance & testing possible while carrying cargo
• Lifetime sensor warranty


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