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VER3000 Voyage Data Recorder


VER3000 Voyage Data Recorder has been designed to meet IMO Performance Standard A861.(20) 

Able to continuously record:

  • Date and Time

  • Bridge alarms status

  • Ship’s position

  • Rudder angle demand and response

  • Speed

  • Hull openings status

  • Heading

  • Watertight and fire door status

  • Bridge Audio

  • Hull stress monitor outputs

  • Ship’s VHF Audio

  • Wind speed and direction

  • ARPA radar picture

  • Records, transfers and verifies information

  • One weeks data stored on removable hard drive

  • 2 hour battery back up

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System Schematic (Click Here for Diagram)

In its basic form the system comprises two units:

Main Electronics Enclosure

This data acquisition unit has been designed to accept IEC standard 61162 data signals and audio signals from Broadgate microphone units Type 031/033. It also contains Broadgate’s ARPA interface, which can be connected to the ancillary output from any commercial marine raster- scan radar system.  The

MEE incorporates a local save facility to allow rapid downloading of all stored data to a removable hard drive. 

Which assists with: 

  • Incident investigation and analysis
  • A useful training tool
  • Response assessment
  • Promotion of Best Practice
  • Reduction in insurance losses

N.B The downloading exercise does not interfere with the continuous recording process to the solid state memory. 

Protective Capsule

The protective capsule has been designed to ensure that the past twelve hours of onboard activity is maintained even under the most demanding of environmental conditions. These conditions have been laid down in the IEC.

Technical Standards and include:

  • Shock – As laid down in clause 11 of IEC 60068-2-27 Penetration – A 250kg weight, with pin diameter of 100mm, dropped from a height of 3m Low Temperature Fire Test – 10 hours at 260oC High Temperature Fire Test – One hour at 1100oC Sea-Water Immersion – 6000m 24 hour test Deep-Sea Immersion – 3m 30 day test Continuously records information from MEE
  • Stores last 12 hours of data on solid state memory
  • Fixings designed to be removable by a remote operated vehicle (ROV)
  • Meets all necessary shock, penetration, fire and sea water immersion requirements

Playback Software



  • Designed for use on a standard PC using a single or multiple monitors
  • Rapid search and repeat to assist analysis
  • Exceptional clarity of recording

The following additional equipment may be required:

1)  Arpa Video Buffer Unit Type 170 
This unit is required where there is no suitable dedicated output available from the ship’s radar system. It is designed to IEC 60945 specification and provides buffering for the radar output.

2)  Signal Converter Type 152 
This unit has been designed specifically to allow for conversion of non-IEC 61162 analogue signals. 
With a capacity of up to 16 channels, the unit can accept analogue signals and converts them to 61162 which is accepted by the MEE. This unit can be significant benefit in retrofit situations. 

3)  Signal Converter Type 161 
This unit has been designed to accept digital signals and convert them to 61162 format suitable for processing within the MEE. 
A total of 32 signals maybe handled by the standard unit which can be expanded. 

4)  Remote Alarm/Display Unit 
This unit is required when the MEE is not installed “in the vicinity from which the vessel is normally navigated”. Designed in accordance with the relevant requirements of IMO A686, the unit provides an audio and visual indication in the event of malfunction of: 

  • VDR power supply
  • VDR record function
  • Bit error rate
  • Microphones

This is an extension of the indication available at the MEE. 

5)  Vhf Interface Type 140 

This unit has been designed to accept non-standard audio output from the ship’s VHF. The normal output being defined as 0.775volts RMS




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