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Towable Ground Power Unit (GPU)


Designed to provide electric current to all types of aircraft, both commercial and military, whose onboard system is equipped with A.C. three-phase, 400 Hz 115/200 V. up to 140 KVA’s.

It is also available with a DC kit to supply up to 2.500 A(peak)

The unit conforms to EN-12312-20

It is equipped with a special noise dampening kit to 71 dB (A) @7m, a turbo-charged Liquid cooled diesel engine with electronic adjustment and CANBUS, an AC single bearing Alternator, self-ventilating, brushless, 4 wires with independent excitation, meaning longer maintenance intervals (minimum 30.000 hours bearing changed) and an optimized electric circuit controlled by PLC.

It is available with a wide range of options such as 3 different outputs on DC Kit: 12V; 24V.; 28,5V., Oil Management System for automatic checks/topping up, etc

  • Up to 140 KVA's, 400 Hz A.C.

  • Up to 2.500 A (peak) a 28,5V D.C.

  • Digital displays

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