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Self- Propelled Transporter


The Self- Propelled Transporter is designed to transport and transfer containerized and palletized cargo loads weighing up to 7 Tons to and from container/pallet loaders, dollies and racks.

The unit incorporates a hydrostatic transmission, diesel engine in an easily accessible compartment and hydraulic powered steering.

The transporter complies with EN-12312-10. The load deck is equipped with 160 mm diameter motorized rollers and is divided into two sections for individual or simultaneous transfer of ULD’s. The load deck is provided with a hydraulic height adjustment of between 18” and 23”.

  • Accepts ULD’s (pallets up to 96”x125” and 
    LD-1, LD-2 y LD-3 containers)

  • 16.000 lbs capacity.

  • Interchangeable powerpack.

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