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Self- Propelled Passenger Step


The Self- Propelled Passenger Step is designed for embarking and disembarking passengers on all aircraft with sill heights ranging from 2.45m to 5.80m (front door of B737 to rear door of A-340)

The unit incorporates hydrostatic transmission, diesel engine and hydraulic steering in a slide open engine compartment for easy access.

The unit complies with EN-12312-1 and is provided with a 3 m wide access platform and extra-wide steps, roomy enough for 2 pax with hand luggage.

The step is provided with special innovative patented side sliding panels which adapt perfectly to the aircraft, leaving no spaces, as they follow the curvature of the aircraft fuselage.

The front access platform and the side sliding panels are provided with white rubber bumpers which do not “stain” the aircraft fuselage.

The step can be optionally provided with open or closed cabin, canopy, auto-follow system, among others.

  • Servicing all aircraft in operation (2,45m-5,80m) (Boeing and Airbus)

  • Fine height adjustment/extra wide access platform

  • Interchangeable power-pack


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