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"Secure-Ship" Alarmed and Electrified Ship's Railing


The Secure-Ship, Counter Boarding System is designed to protect the vessel against piracy attacks, unauthorized boardings and stowaways.

Secure-Ship does this in three ways:

  • Prevention of attempted boarding – protecting the crew and ship

  • Detection of a boarding attempt – warning the crew

  • Scaring away the boarders – by way of very loud siren and flood lights.

The system consists of a “collapsible” electrical fence that is placed all around the ship.  The very existence of the electrified fence will deter most would-be intruders.

When entering a harbor or when a boat or barge needs to come alongside it is fast and easy to collapse part of the electrical fence, while maintaining the rest of the fence operational.

Since the fence is divided into port and starboard zones it is possible to activate only one side of the ship while de-activating the other. This is very useful when the ship is moored alongside a jetty to de-activate the pier side while keeping the waterside active.

A sophisticated control system detects entry attempts and transmits those to the various output devices (lights, alarms, sirens). The generated noise and strong floodlights usually ensure that any boarding attempts are quickly aborted. 

For those intruders that are not repelled by the noise and lights, a very high (non-lethal) voltage that runs through the fence presents a "shocking" barrier to pirates and illegal trespassers, thus protecting the crew and ship.


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