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MM2000™ - Refrigerant Gas Detection

refrigerant gas detection

MM2000™ is an intelligent addressable gas detection system designed to provide refrigerant gas leak detection on ships under MARPOL Annex VI Regulation 12-Ozone Depleting Substances, 5.5 Leak Monitoring Systems.

Fixed Gas Sensors
Refrigerant gases are monitored continuously by fixed gas sensors installed in the vicinity of refrigeration and air conditioning machinery, such as a compressor room, for refrigerant leak detection. Class societies advocate the use of fixed leak detection systems for environmental protection (e.g. Lloyds EP Notation) The MM2000™ system operates on a single 4-core cable having the capacity to monitor from 1 to 32 addressable sensors.

The control system provides local indication of the measured parameters and alarm conditions together with relay contacts to shut down air conditioning or refrigeration plants as necessary.

MM2000 features include:
• Type Approved
• Loop sensor cable for low cost installation
• No moving parts
• Continuous monitoring of all locations

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