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Low Signature Cathodic Protection Systems



When a steel hull corrodes in water, electrical currents for the corrosion process exist in the water around the vessel. Super-imposing controlled electrical currents from ship-borne power supplies onto the hull can halt the corrosion process. This method of controlling corrosion is known as Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP).

 Any electrical currents flowing around a vessel, whether naturally occurring corrosion currents, or those from an ICCP system, will cause the vessel to have a detectable signature which must be minimised on military vessels.

 Since the requirement for reduced electrical signatures was identified in the early 1980’s. Aish Technologies has become the world leader in the supply of Low Signature ICCP Systems.

 The latest generation of Aish equipment, (AishC3P) is computer controlled, which allows hitherto unavailable flexibility in terms of system design and operation, and permits operation with third party software. It therefore provides the ideal hardware and software base for future systems, where Low Signature performance needs to be combined with the ability to upgrade and keep pace with ever-changing Mine-threat and Detection technologies.

 AishC3P also has application on ocean survey vessels where minimal background noise is required by sensitive hull-mounted equipment.

Because AishC3P can monitor trends in hull potentials and protection currents, it can contribute to a Condition Based Maintenance programme, further reducing through-life costs.

 AishC3P is software upgradeable to keep pace with advancing detection and mine threats, making it the ultimate in corrosion protection and signature control.

Other features:

  • Hull potentials and anode currents are displayed in real time.
  • Fully automatic unattended operation.
  • Daily or hourly readings accurately recorded on disc.
  • Flexible design for the protection of any marine structure.
  • Compatible with a wide range of anodes and reference cells.
  • Major contribution to Condition based maintenance programmes
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