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 iECDIS - Electronic Chart Display and Informatio System for Vessels


The World’s Easiest ECDIS Service!

  • iECDIS™ is an Electronic Chart Display and Information System that exceeds all IMO requirements for compliance. (See below for compliance timetable).

  • Selects the best route through an automated route planning feature with all way points automatically updated by weather and tidal data.

  • Features an automated decision aid capable of continuously determining a vessel’s position in relation to land, charted objects, unseen hazards and is updated in real-time.

  • Can actually save money as well as improve performance, reduce risk, increase safety and save time.

  • iECDIS is a complete solution offering planning services, chart updates, training and customer service.

  • Start navigating immediately! Comes preloaded with Jeppesen Charts for global electronic navigational chart coverage with multiple licensing options to suit budget and operational requirements.

  • Multiple chart licensing options including - Direct, Dynamic and OpenENC. Operators only pay for the required chart updates.

iECDIS™ Features

  • Superior design with no moving parts and a fan-less operation, built from military grade hardware and includes a 32 GB solid state hard drive. Comes with a  2 year warranty and is built to last.

  • 24 inch anti-glare screen is easy to read and reduces reflection by 99%, improves contrast, colour and brightness.

  • Multi-power input with automatic switch over – no need for additional UPS like other systems.

Generic & Type Specific Training

  • Partnered with the world’s leading ECDIS training company Safebridge and sister company Marine Serve GmbH (MSG), both generic and type specific training is available worldwide through the ECDIS training consortium.

  • Multiple training options including online learning, onboard or on site at training centres located in 16 worldwide maritime crewing hubs.



iECDIS can be purchased, rented or leased.

From US$299 per Month!


Ship Type


New Ship

Existing Ship

Passenger Ships

> 500 gross tons

1 July 2012

No later than 1st survey after 1 July 2014


> 3,000 gross tons

1 July 2012

No later than 1st survey after 1 July 2015

Dry Cargo Ships

> 50,000 gross tons

1 July 2013

No later than 1st survey after 1 July 2016

> 20,000 gross tons (new ships)

20 – 50,000 gross tons (existing ships)

1 July 2013

No later than 1st survey after 1 July 2017

> 10,000 gross tons (new ships)

10-20,000 gross tons (existing ships)

1 July 2013

No later than 1st survey after 1 July 2018

3 - 10,000 gross tons

1 July 2014

No retrofit requirements to existing ships <10,000 gross tons

The International Marine Organization (IMO) has established mandatory compliance deadlines for existing and new built   vessels that sail international waters and meet carriage requirements. The SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea) amendment      Chapter V regulation 19.2 formally requires ships engaged on international voyages to be fitted with an ECDIS               according to the preceding ECDIS implementation timetable.

Failure to install an IMO compliant ECDIS and implement the necessary training by the applicable deadline, can result in costly fines or detention by port authorities! Masters and crews who are negligent in the full functionality and operation of their onboard ECDIS may lead to serious operational risks and incur great costs to the ship owner as a result of an ECDIS related grounding or collision.

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