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MM2000™ - ISGOTT Accommodation A/C Inlet Gas Detection System

refrigerant gas detection

MM2000™ is an addressable gas detection system suitable for monitoring air conditioning inlets at accommodation areas as recommended by ISGOTT5.

The new fifth edition of ISGOTT (ISGOTT5) identifies the advantages of fitting flammable gas detection at accommodation air conditioning inlet. Although ISGOTT5 is only a guide rather than a regulation, many terminals and major charterers do hold it as a pre-requisite standard and vetting officers working for oil majors are noting in their survey reports when tankers do not meet all the recommendations in ISGOTT.

Simple Duct Monitoring
MM2000™ is an intelligent addressable gas detection system that is ideally suited to this duty with duct mounted flammable gas detectors simply mounted on the inlet and the control panel located in the cargo control room (CCR).

Reduced Installation Costs
The addressable sensors are installed on a single four-core loop cable that saves installation costs when multiple inlets are to be monitored, for monitoring general accommodation areas and hydrogen sulfide / hydrocarbon gas detection in the cargo pump room.

The In total, the system can monitor 32 individual gas detectors meaning most applications can be serviced by one compact MM2000™ control panel.

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