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Compressor Room Hydrocarbon Gas Detection Systems

hydrocarbon gas detection systems

GDS 300™ Gas Sampling System

GDS300™ is a sequential sampling system for detection of hydrocarbon gas in ballast/void spaces & cargo pump rooms on tankships. The system comprises of a steel cabinet housing the sampling pump, pneumatics, solenoid valves, flame arrestors & system electronics. Sample lines are run back to the monitoring points in 8mm o.d. 316SS/copper tubing. Gas samples are sequentially extracted from each monitoring point (max’ 60) and analysed for hydrocarbon gas. The GDS300™ controller provides display of the gas concentration at each measuring point, with LED’s indicating sampling and alarm status, and 3 alarm relays. Optional O2 and H2S detection.

GDS300™ includes automatic sensing and clearing of blocked lines together with comprehensive skip, hold and step functions. An internal leak detector provides complete system integrity in compliance with the latest class regulations.

Other features:

  • Fully automatic operation during ballast filling
  • Up to 60 measuring points, & 4 gases per system
  • Option for dedicated relays per monitoring point
  • Flow fail, high vacuum monitoring
  • Automatic self cleaning of sample lines
  • Internal gas leak sensor & automatic shutdown circuit
  • Compliant with IACS UR F43
  • Easily expandable with additional monitoring points
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