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MM5001Ballast/ Void Space Gas Detection System


MM5001™ is an advanced gas sampling system for monitoring hydrocarbon gas, hydrogen sulphide and oxygen in ballast tanks and void spaces. The system is designed to give early warning (at the bridge, cargo control room, or other manned spaces) of the presence of gas so that you can take preventative action.

MM5001™ is a major advancement in marine gas detector technology for monitoring ballast tank gas detection and void space gas detection onboard ships. The system comprises of a central control cabinet with a touch screen panel to display information and alarm status. Within the cabinet is the main PLC controller, analyzing equipment plus a pre-sampling circuit as standard. A calibration free, high performance infrared sensor provides the ultimate in reliable flammable gas analysis.

The PLC is extremely reliable with an MTBF of 20 years plus. The gas analyzer does not require re-calibration and the pre-purge significantly reduces sampling cycle times.

Fully Compliant
MM5001™ is fully compliant with IACS UR F43, Exxon MOBIL MESC 2002 – Term charter, Chapter 8 & EMSA regulations for double hulled tankers.

MM5001 features include:
• Calibration free, high performance IR sensors

• Fully flexible PLC controller
• Programmable operation during ballasting
• Integrated system for both gas sampling & fixed point sensors

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