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Ballast Tank Level Gauging


Level Gauging System for Ballast Tanks

LEVELMASTER™ is a simple and cost effective electro-pneumatic tank level gauging system. Designed to overcome the problems associated with submerged pressure sensor systems, this 'bubble measuring' technique has always been recognised as robust and reliable. LEVELMASTER™ comprises of a steel enclosure housing system pneumatics, PLC and electronics for up to 36 measuring points. MMS350 display units (RS485 comms) indicate measured level for up to six tanks digitally, and by means of an LED bar graph. Twin alarm LED’s with adjustable set points and relay contacts for each tank are provided. 

LEVELMASTER™ includes automatic system calibration & line purge, and provides RS485 serial comms for integration with e.g. KSL450/‘LoadRite’ software. Leakage detection & density measurement are available as options, together with trim/heel correction and volume conversion.

Other features:

  • Automatic system calibration
  • Automatic purge
  • Low air consumption
  • No electrical parts in ex-zone
  • Small dimensions • easy installationDensity measurement/leakage detection (optional)
  • Serial on-line transmission of data (RS485)
  • Analogue outputs (optional)
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