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Value-added Representation

The Deltic Group provides value-added representation services in Canada and the US to manufacturers of specialty equipment in the aviation, marine, defence and security industry sectors. "Value-added" in this case means the provision of a full range of services to help a Principle enter and establish itself in the marketplace.
Market Access

Direct marketing in the international marketplace can place heavy demands on time, travel budgets and the continuance of customer contact and support. This is particularly so when considering the North American market with the vastness of its geography and the wide distribution of potential customers. Add to this the painstaking task of getting to know Canadian and US procurement methods, the competitive aspects of the market plus the true extent of the market potential, and it becomes very obvious that would-be-exporters need some experienced local representation, familiar with the territory, to help penetrate and develop the market. This is where The Deltic Group can help.
Proactive Marketing

Deltic takes a proactive approach to marketing on behalf of its Principles. Specific marketing plans are developed for each product. Potential customers are identified from Deltic's library of databases and market research. Activity in the marketplace is constantly monitored and potential leads are pursued as they are uncovered. Government procurement opportunities are searched on a daily basis. Deltic communicates regularly with its Principles providing them with market updates and other information.
Support Services

What is meant by "value-added" representation? In addition to finding markets and customers for its Principles, Deltic can also provide them with a wide range of marketing support services to help them enter and be successful in the North American marketplace. Services offered by Deltic include:

  • Market research  
  • Strategic marketing plan preparation  
  • Customer identification 
  • Enquiry solicitation 
  • Quotation/proposal preparation assistance 
  • Quotation/proposal follow-up 
  • Assistance with contract negotiations 
  • Client/customer liaison 
  • Government liaison 
  • Analysis of competitive situations 
  • Patent and trade mark investigation 
  • Technical standards compliance checks 
  • Document translation 
  • Credit checks and risk analysis,  
  • Import formalities 
  • Identification of joint venture partners 
  • Assistance with industrial benefits or offsets
  • Identification of local subcontractors 
  • Installation and commissioning support
  • Provision of after-sales product support 
  • Collections follow-up 
  • Handling of warranty and other claims 
  • Support of principles' and customers' visits 
  • Public relations activities (exhibits, releases etc.) 



Deltic's management and technical staff have many year's of experience in the market sectors in which the company is involved. Having formerly acted as Principle, Deltic's senior management fully understands the needs and expectations from that perspective. Accordingly, the Company has developed a modus operandi which is reflective of how Principles might expect an agent to represent them.
Value Added Reseller (VAR)

In addition to providing conventional representation services, Deltic also acts as a VAR and will purchase equipment from a Principle for resale to an end user. Deltic acts as the project manager and handles all contractual requirements. Deltic will handle all the shipping and importation logistics and deliver the goods on an "FOB Customer" basis.
The benefit to the end customer is the facility of dealing with a local contractor familiar with national commercial and Government contracting procedures able to quote in dollars and deliver FOB Customer. One of the major benefits to the equipment supplier is the relief from the complexities of dealing with Government customers since Deltic places a conventional purchase order with the supplier on an ex-works delivery basis payable in the supplier's currency of choice.

Primary Customers

Canadian Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces

 Other Government, Security and Police Agencies

Aircraft Manufacturers


Aircraft MROs



Partner companies of Deltic include:



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