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Portasteele ™ Fire Suppression Tank Contents Calculator

Portasteele Calculator
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The Portasteele™ Calculator calculates the fill weight of a fire suppression cylinder.

It does this using the fill level determined by the complementary Portalevel™ unit, or inversely using the required fill level for a certain weight of suppression agent.
The Portasteele™ Calculator is sold as a stand-alone unit on a 7’’ hand-held tablet to be used in conjunction with the Portalevel range.
It is capable of converting the liquid leve,l obtained with any Portalevel™ unit, into the exact fill-weight of agent inside the cylinder. It therefore replaces the use of manual calculations
and formulas.

Portasteele by Coltraco Ultrasonics.

Type – Portable Tank Contents Calculator 
Part Number – CALC-007
Approvals: CE

Takes one person 30 seconds to determine the weight of suppression agent in a tank without moving the tank.

Highly Accurate – To better than 1%. It takes into account the dimensions of practically any cylinder, the type of agent being measured and the ambient temperature therefore providing accurate results in a variety of conditions.
Save Time & Cost – Quick and easy method for calculating the agent mass from the liquid level of any agent. Decreasing the time to regularly and effectively test cylinder agent weights, when paired with a liquid level indicator, Portasteele® CALCULATOR will reduce the man hours required for testing.
Compare Previously Saved Cylinders and Result  -. Instantly calculate the exact agent mass within the cylinder. All the data is pre-loaded onto the device so no manual calculation is required by the operator.
Reporting – Simply input the cylinder dimensions, agent type, temperature and liquid level. Record, save and download the results and share the report with others.

1. Input your cylinder details: Agent, Height,Circumference, Actual Liquid Level (as found by
    Portalevel  Indicator), Temperature, Dome Height, Printed Fill Weight
2. Calculate in under 30 seconds
3. Save your results and record in a spreadsheet which can be emailed to the key person in charge of fire safety.