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The Deltic Group supplies a range of equipment for surface ships and submarines.  Including:

Specialized Material Handling

Torpedo and missile magazine handling systems
Armament loading systems 
Ammunition hoists

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Gas Monitoring Systems

Cargo pump room gas detection systems
Ballast/void space gas detection systems
Vapour recovery system oxygen and pressure monitoring 
Sewage gas detection
Deck and accommodation space gas detection  
Compressor room hydrocarbon gas detection systems
Refrigerant gas detection 

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Bearing Temperature Monitoring Systems

Cargo/ballast pump bearings temperature monitoring systems 

Level Measurement

Bilge level monitoring 
Ballast tank level gauging
Water ingress detection system  
Cargo tank high level/overfill alarm system

Cargo Tank Monitoring Systems

Cargo tank pressure monitoring system 

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Hull Stress Monitoring System


 Voyage Data Recorder   


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Ship Survey and Safety Equipment 

Portalevel ® MAX Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator Portalevel Max 
Portasteele ™ Fire Suppression Tank Contents Calculator  Portasteele Calculator 
Portascanner™ Portable Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity Tester  
Portasonc® FL0 Clamp-on Ultrasonic Liquid in Pipe Flow Meter  
Portable Gas Detection Units 

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Low signature cathodic protection systems 
Underwater telephones and sonar

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