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Marine 4™ - Personal Multi-Gas Detector


Marine 4™ - Personal Multi-Gas Detecto

Marine 4™ - Personal Multi-Gas Detector:

MED “Wheel marked” for use on all vessels with simple 1-button operation. The Marine 4 can be supplied with an optional integral pump with flexibility for pre-entry into deep tanks, holds & void spaces.

The Marine 4 has patented ‘crew-safe’ fail safe sensor technology. The detector is robustly constructed and built to last on ships.

Detects and displays up to 4 gases simultaneously, Marine-4 is design specifically for the rigours of the marine industry.

“ABC” Self-Certification / Calibration Station

This “ABC” Self-Certification / Calibration Station, provides you with fail-safe automatic “bump” testing and calibration of your Marine-4 portable gas detectors. Simply place your Marine-4 gas detector in the station, press a single button and wait 1 minute for your detector to be tested and certified.

Simple to use, with a durable user friendly design, the ABC offers high performance as a stand-alone unit or optional connectivity to a PC or Laptop.

The "A-B-C" Always-Be-Calibrated certification / calibration station creates secure tamper proof digital on board records of tests to show that  the portable gas detectors are routinely maintained and calibrated.

Ability to detect the following: Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Oxygen Gas (O2) and Lower Explosive Limit (LEL).

Your Key Advantages of the “ABC” - 100% Safety and Peace of Mind

  • ‘Bump’ tests detectors in only 1 minute - delivering 100% safety assurance and peace of mind 

  • Fail-safe system -  100% safety assurance and peace of mind

  • Automatic calibration after a failed bump test - 100% safety assurance

  • Automatic calibration at the end of calibration interval - 100% safety assurance

  • Automatically produces tamper-proof calibration certificate acceptable to Class & Flag

  • Uses only minimum amount of cal’ gas necessary - saves money on wasted calibration gas from manual testing

  • Digital records of test are available for easy access or printing in a secure PDF format

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