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DRINKSAFE™ -  Potable Water Testing Kit


DRINKSAFE™ - The Easiest Compliant Marine Potable Water Testing Kit: Under the new MLC 2006, which applies from August 2013, ship operators now need to carry out "regular comprehensive documented testing" of on-board drinking water supplies. DRINKSAFE will satisfy this compliance requirement and offers you the “easy water testing” solution.

Only Full Kit GUARANTEED to meet all legislation & Flag state requirements

Easiest & quickest test kit to use - GUARANTEED or your money back.

  • No glass ampoules to break

  • No instruments to calibrate or calibration solutions

  • No messy & difficult 'Thio-bags'

  • No need for sample dilution pots

  • Lowest average cost per test 


DRINKSAFE™ is the easiest potable water test kit to use, the most comprehensive and the most economical kit for your ships.

DRINKSAFE™ Includes:

• 500 x  DPD1 free chlorine tests with comparator disc

500 x  DPD3 total chlorine tests with comparator disc

500 x  pH tests with comparator disc

250 x  high range chlorine (super-chlorination) tests with comparator disc

40 x  bacterial plate tests with syringes

Incubator & UV lamp

• Goggles & disposable gloves

Test log-book

• Manual & training DVD - show you how to take samples and do tests



• All DRINKSAFE™ kit contents plus:

Turbidity tester

20 x  enterococci tests with sterile containers

50 x  copper tests with comparator disc;

250 x  iron tests with comparator disc.


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